WHY Great Giveaways Live.


What is Great Giveaways Live

Great Giveaways Live is a brand new North East based competition site which allows you to win fantastic prizes at affordable prices.

In 2020, Mohammad Khalaghe started Great Giveaways Live to give people the opportunity to live the life which they deserve. He believes that everyone should have the best things in life regardless of their situation and financial status.

That’s why Moe decided to create this platform … so you can have the chance to own that car or that Rolex watch which you always wanted but without spending a fortune.

Who is mohammad khalaghe

Moe is a successful business owner based in the North East of England. He is passionate about helping people, which is evident by the many events and charities which he supports and sponsors in his local area.

He truly believes that everybody should have the opportunity to live their best life and to have the chance to own the things they want.

Why should you use and put your trust in us? Quite simply, we are a trustworthy company with trustworthy ownership.

Moe understands that his customers put their trust in him every single day and wants to repay that trust by helping you become richer and by helping you own that perfect gift.


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